Learning in a nutshell

The apprenticeship contract is intended for all young people aged 16 to 29. Exceptions to these age limits are possible under certain conditions (contact a guidance professional to find out more)

The objective of this contract is to provide, for people who have satisfied the compulsory education, alternate training to lead to a professional qualification:

  • A theoretical and general part takes place in CFA (Learning Training Center).
  • a practical part takes place in a company.
  • This training is validated by obtaining a vocational or technological education diploma.

Exemptions from the age limit

Several exemptions allow an apprenticeship training to be carried out when one leaves the traditional framework:

In the following two cases, the apprentice’s age cannot be greater than 29 years at the time of the conclusion of the new contract and within a maximum period of one year after the expiry of the previous contract:

  • Signature of a new contract in the continuity of a previous apprenticeship contract and allows acquiring a higher level diploma.
  • In the event of a breach of contract for causes beyond the control of the apprentice (cessation of the employer’s activity, fault of the employer or repeated breaches of his obligations, etc.) or following physical incapacity and temporary (article R. 6222-38 of the Labor Code).
  • People with disabilities benefit from the lifting of the age limit.
  • In the event of the creation or takeover of a business, this is linked to obtaining the diploma attesting to the training.

What diplomas can we prepare in an apprenticeship?

It is possible to access training ranging from CAP to engineering diplomas through apprenticeship.

It is thus possible to prepare:

a vocational diploma from secondary education: vocational aptitude certificate (CAP), vocational baccalaureate, vocational certificate, additional mention a higher education diploma: higher technician certificate (BTS), university diploma in technology (DUT), professional licenses, engineering diplomas, higher business school diplomas, etc.

A professional title is registered in the national directory of professional certifications (RNCP).



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